The benefits of
partnering with PEAC

Offering expertise and innovation

The benefits of
partnering with PEAC

Fast decisions. Fast payments

The benefits of
partnering with PEAC

Your portfolio at your fingertips


Accelerating business – together

PEAC’s financing solutions accelerates business for you and your customers.

We work together with partners and resellers to develop leasing programs which fund a wide range of asset classes, including everything from office technology and software to manufacturing and plant equipment.

Offering in-depth experience in financing simple hardware installations to complex projects combining hardware, software and services.

At PEAC, we bring innovation and leading technology, underpinned by excellent service delivery:

  • Instant, real time credit decisions delivered to your desktop or mobile – ensuring you close more deals, faster.
  • Leading credit scoring software and experienced underwriters – giving a balance between fast decisions and common sense credit assessments.
  • Same day funding – helping to improve day to day cash flow.

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